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Nepali Ukhan Tukka(Nepali Proverbs) – नेपाली उखान टुक्का are widely popular among us. Every Nepali used it very often during their conversation. Not in normal people, but the most popular personality in Nepal like KP Sharma Oli also make good use of it. So you know how useful and popular Nepali Ukhans are. We make use of Nepali Gau Khane Katha and Ukhan Tukkas in events, games, songs, stories, etc. Here is the list of popular Nepali Ukhan Tukka with with their meanings.

Nepali ukhan Tukka

List of your favorite Nepali Ukhan Tukka

  1. Ukhan: Achano ko pir khukuri le jandaina
    Literally: The Blade knows not the worries of the Board
    Actual Meaning: The inflictor doesn’t know the pain of the wounded. The perpetrator (or a person who causes harm) doesn’t know or care about the victim or his/her feelings and worries.
  2. Ukhan: Akabari Sun Lai Kasi Lagaunu Pardaina
    Literally: The Fine (Pure) gold doesn’t need to be polished
    Actual Meaning: Pure gold does not fear the flame. The good (high-quality) things should not be tested for their reliability (or strength) time and again.
  3. Ukhan: Agulto Le Haneko Kukur Bijuli Chamkada Tarsincha
    Literally: The dog beaten by a stick gets startled when lightning strikes
    Actual Meaning: Once bitten, twice shy / Once someone is made to lose trust (or is betrayed), then he/she frets on small things (or treads carefully)
  4. Ukhan: Akash Ko Phal Aankha Tari Mar
    Literally: The fruits of the sky can only be stared at till death.
    Actual Meaning: Things that are beyond our reach cannot be received. Also, it means to dream about unachievable things. Something is impossible, so give up hope for it.
  5. Ukhan: Aafu Namari Swarga Dekhinna
    Literally: The heavens can only be seen after our death
    Actual Meaning: Till we experience something ourselves, we would not know how it (something like an event) feels like
  6. Ukhan: Aalu Khayera Peda Ko Dhak
    Literally: Boasting about eating Peda (a sweet) when what actually consumed was Potato
    Actual Meaning: Talking/ Boasting about selves beyond our actual potential
  7. Ukhan: Indra Ko Agadi Swarga Ko Bayan
    Literally: The description of Heaven in front of the god Indra
    Actual Meaning: Those who are very knowledgeable about a certain subject dismiss the talks of those who don’t have much knowledge about it.
  8. Ukhan: Ek Le Thuki Suki, Saya Le Thuki Nadi
    Literally: One spit dries but hundreds can make a river
    Actual Meaning: Unity is Strength
  9. Ukhan: Oralo Lageko Mirga Lai Bachchha Le pani khedcha
    Literally: The Deer who is on a slope can be chased even by a calf. Actual Meaning:: If we are weak then we are loathed/ hated by everyone.
  1. Ukhan: Kalo Akshar Bhaisi Barabar
    Literally: A black letter equals to a buffalo
    Actual Meaning: To be illiterate
  2. Ukhan: Andho Goru Lai Ausi Na Purne
    Literally: For a blind ox, there is no significance of The full moon or the new moon
    Actual Meaning: For the ones without knowledge, then there is no importance of that subject (to them). “Well that situation doesn’t concern me, so why should I care”
  3. Ukhan: Khane Mukh Lai Junga Le Chhekdaina
    Literally: The mouth that eats is not shielded by the mustache
    Actual Meaning: The one who is determined to complete a task will do it by hook or by crook and won’t be stopped by any barrier

Ukhan Tukka in Nepali with Examples – नेपाली उखान टुक्का

Ukhan Tukka in Nepali With Examples

Most interesting Nepali Ukhan Tukkas with meaning

1. Ukhan – Jo Hocho Usai Ko Mukh Ma Ghocho
Literally: The one who is short gets picked the most
Meaning: Whoever is the lowest (in terms of rank/status….etc) gets bullied.

2. Ukhan – Dhunga Khojda Dewata Milnu
Literally: Finding a god while searching for stones
Meaning: To flow with the tide/ To get something better while searching for something ordinary

3. Ukhan – Namachchine Ping Ko Saya Jhadka
Literally: The swing that doesn’t move injures you a hundred times
Meaning: The ones who possess the least knowledge display the greatest ego. An empty vessel makes more noise

4. Ukhan – Najik Ko Tirtha Hela
Literally: The adjacent shrines are ignored
Meaning: The value of things when we use regularly is diminished

5. Ukhan – Napatyaune Khola Le Bagaucha
Literally: The underestimated River sweeps
Meaning: A dark horse/ The ones which we underestimate turns out to be a formidable force

6. Ukhan – Naachna Najanne Aagan Tedho
Literally: The one who cannot dance blames that the Floor was tilted
Meaning: Placing the blame on something after being unable to do a task

7. Ukhan – Mukh Ma Ramram Bagali Ma Chhura
Literally: The mouth that says ‘Ram, Ram’ (God’s Name) with a knife in the pocket
Meaning: Two-faced people/ The ones who say good things in front of you and back-bite later

8. Ukhan – Hune Biruwa Ko Chillo Paat, Nahune Biruwa Ko Khasro Paat
Literally: The plant that prospers have smooth leaves whereas the plant that grows badly has wilted leaves
Meaning: The prodigies display talent from an early age/ Talent is displayed from the start only

9. Ukhan – Baahra Barsha Ramayan Padhyo Sita Kaski Joi
Literally: Wondering who is Sita after learning Ramayan for 12 years
Meaning: The ones who never learn a lesson. It is hard to teach some people.

10. Ukhan – Ghati Heri Haad Nilnu
Literally: Swallow the bone after seeing the size of the neck
Meaning: Don’t bite more than you can chew/ Work according to your potential

11. Ukhan – Baadar Ko Haatma Nariwal
Literally: A coconut in a monkey’s hand
Meaning: Being extremely destructive/ For a fragile thing or responsibility falling in the hands of irresponsible people

Nepali Ukhan Tukka with answers -नेपाली उखान टुक्का

Ukhan: Chokta khana gaeki budhi jholma dubera mari

Literally: The Old Woman who went to eat a piece of food drowned in soup

Meaning: Greed leads to even bigger losses

Ukhan: Jo jogi aae pani kanai chireko

Literally: Every sage who comes has their ears sliced

Meaning: Every person who does the same thing have similar characteristics/ Everyone who does no work at all

Ukhan: Jasle maha kadhcha, usle haat chatcha

Literally: The one who extracts the honey, can later lick his hand

Meaning: Fruits of labour are sweet/ The one who does hard work reaps his rewards

Ukhan: Hatti ko duita daant hunchha, euta khaane, arko dekhaune.

Literally translates as; An elephant has two teeth, one for eating, other for showing.

Actual Meaning: Cruelty under politeness.

Ukhan: Hatti chhiryo puchhar adkyo!

Literal translation: Tail stuck as the elephant enters.

Actual meaning: Big problems are resolved but the small one is holding it.

Ukhan: Hatti aayo haati aayo fussa!

Literal translation: I actually don’t know how to translate this thing actually!

Actual meaning: Not getting anything as expected or promised.

Ukhan: Aru hatti chadhdai ma aafu dhuri chadnu hundaina!

Literal translation: If you see other people riding elephants, you need not climb the roof. 

Actual meaning: There’s no need to show off.

Ukhan: Bhukne kukur le tokdaina!

Literal translation (and also the meaning): Barking dog seldom bites.

Ukhan: Kukur lai haddi paincho!

Actual meaning: Lending things to someone who doesn’t know the value of.

Ukhan: Kukur ko pucchar bahra barsha dhungo ma haale pani jasta ko tyestai!

Literal translation: A dog’s tail stays the same, even if you keep it under a stone for twelve years.

Actual meaning: There are few, who never change and never learn a thing even if they are continuously taught that they are wrong things. Refusing to change, don’t improve on a bad habit.

Ukhan Tukka in Nepali with Answer

Ukhan: Sabai kukur Kashi gaye, Gu kasle khane?

Literal translation (okay, this one’s hilarious): Every dog went to Kashi (Vanaras), who’s eating shit now?

Actual meaning: We need odds to do things.

Ukhan: Ban ko bagh le khawos na khawos man ko bagh le khachha!

Literal translation: A tiger doesn’t eat you, but the tiger inside you eats you.

Actual meaning: Anxiety is harmful for you. One should not be oversensitive, things might go okay till you kept on wondering it to happen wrong

Ukhan: Futkeko machha thulo!

Actual translation: The fish that slipped from your hand seemed bigger than what you caught.

Literal meaning: You always regret the opportunities that you missed. Lost or missed opportunities always look better than what you got.

Ukhan: Hath ko machha Chhodera pokhari ko machha khojne!

Literal translation: Leaving the caught fish and going after the lake’s fish

Actual meaning: Wanting too much. The grass is always greener on the other side of the hill.

Ukhan: Bhaisi nuhaudai maa gaai hudaina / Gadha lai dhoyera gaai bandaina/hudaina

Literal Translation: Cows are never whitened by washing.

Actual Meaning: No matter how much you try, you can’t change a person

Favorite Ukhan Tukka in English and Nepali

Ukhan Tukka in English
  1. Ukhan: Ghar ko bagh ban ko syaal!
    Literal translation: Act like tiger at home and jackal at woods.
    Actual meaning: You’re nothing compared to others.

2. Ukhan: Baandar ko pucchar lauro na hatiyaar!
Literal translation: A monkey’s tail is neither a tool nor a weapon.
Actual meaning: Being useless.

3. Ukhan: Mama ko ghoda ma bhanja ko he he!
Literal translation: Nephew having fun riding the uncle’s horse.
(In Nepali, Mama actually refers to your mother’s brother)
Actual meaning: Enjoying someone else’s property.

4. Ukhan: Ghoda chadne manchhe ladchha!
Literal translation: He who rides the horse, falls.
Actual meaning: Trying without failing is impossible.

5. Ukhan: Mero goru ko bahrai takka!
Literal translation: I actually can’t translate this one as well, but goru refers to bull.
Actual meaning: Being overly stubborn.

6. Ukhan: Bagh le sino khandaina!
Literal translation: Tiger doesn’t eat trash.
Actual meaning: Who gives a fuck? Honored ones don’t care for little things.

7. Ukhan: Ghar ko bagh ban ko syaal!
Literal translation: Act like a tiger at home and jackal in woods.
Actual meaning: You’re nothing compared to others.

The most famous Nepali Ukhan Tukka

Hune Biruwa Ko Chillo Pat sentence in English and Nepali and Meaning

Literally Meaning: The plant that prospers has smooth leaves whereas the plant that grows badly has wilted leaves
Actual Meaning: The prodigies display talent from an early age/ Talent is displayed from the start only

Nepali Version: Hune Biruwa ko Chillo Pat bhanejhai, Ram sano umer dekhi nai Football ramro khelcha, tyasaile thulo bhayesi ramro footballer banne Gun Chha.

Nepali Ukhan Tukka Translated in English

What is your favorite Nepali Ukhan?

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